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Tarot Intermediate Course

Tarot Beginners Course

The Intermediate course puts the polish on what you know and deepens your understanding. It introduces and teaches the reverse meanings and interpretations of the cards. And thanks to the workbook you can get a head start on that! There are a whole set of new and expanded spreads to learn and practice, namely “The A to B spread”; an expanded Celtic Cross using a summary card; “Shadow spreads”, that to look into past lives and a huge 34 card “12-month forecast spread”, which you won’t find in any books that we are aware of.

The Intermediate Course takes you deeper into the personal self-development areas of Tarot and links in with the Hermetic Qabalah and the Astrological symbolism hidden in each card. You will be learning at a much deeper level and with a variety of spreads to choose from. Upon conclusion of this course you will feel confident in reading for yourself and from whomever wants a reading from you. Students who complete the course will be presented with quality assurance certificates.

The Intermediate course is also suitable for those readers out there who have a good knowledge of the RWS cards but are either a bit rusty or wish to extend their knowledge, particularly with reversed cards and more complicated spreads.

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What people thought...

I have completed the beginner's course. Tim was supportive and a professional teacher I will be signing up for the next course .
Having completed the beginners and intermediate courses with Tim through JCPF. I have learnt the tarot, Tim is supportive and explains anything with tact and patience. Great teacher with a wealth of experience.