Joseph Cary Psychic Foundation

Joseph Carey Psychic Foundation


Want to know about our training programmes?

Personal Readings

We offer various types of reading to suit what feels right for you. Mediumistic Readings, Psychometry Readings, Astrology Readings, Psychic Art Readings & Tarot Readings

Courses & Workshops

We have been teaching psychic & spiritual development for over 50 years - links to JCPF courses & workshops activities that interest you.

Fayres & Public Events

We provide public events in the Portsmouth community, these range from Mind Body Soul Fayres to public Medium and Healing Demonstrations.

Holistic Health Healing Services

We have been providing Holistic Health Healing services for over 50 years

Our Services

Healing Clinics

Spiritual Healing Clinics

We provide walk in clinics to the public in Portsmouth and Portchester areas. Staffed by nationally qualified Healers you can be sure of a warm welcome, no appointments are necessary and sessions need only take 30min of your time.

Private Healing

Private Healing

Prefer a private healing appointment? (you can be accompanied if you wish). Sessions are upwards of an hour that commence with an in depth review of your health situation. And depending on your health condition we have healers that can visit you at home.

Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Animals and pets of all kinds respond well to Healing, though techniques used differ to healing people. Pets and owners can share the same healing space! Animals and pets are at their happiest in their own territory, so healing appointments are home visits.



Healing works in many ways, hypnotherapy can help to relax, build confidence, release phobias, stop habits, eradicate fears -all whilst you remain conscious during treatment! Regression is a speciality, past life recall and able to reveal the born Self.