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Encaustic Art Reading

encaustic art reading

What is Encaustic Art?

The word Encaustic literally means ‘to burn’. Encaustic Art involves the application of different coloured wax onto a small, hot, travelling iron, which when placed onto art cards, allows the melted wax to create pictures that are not only stunning to look at, but can be framed, or utilised as Meditation pictures, or even as the graphics for your own Christmas and Birthday cards, as the pictures can be taken home afterwards. No artistic skills are needed – the only requirement is that you relax and enjoy the experience, allowing your inner mind to take control and for intriguing insights to be revealed.

The readings can take place at her home, or she can travel to the sitter’s own home within the Portsmouth and surrounding areas, although this service can be extended as far as Southampton to the West, Petersfield to the North and Chichester to the East.

Carole Peachey

Carole Peachey

Book a Reading £39

Carole Peachey, Encaustic Art Reader, BSYA (H Med) & (Med Teacher) is a medium and a tarot reader as well as an encaustic artist, who has many years’ experience of development within the JCPF and she will interpret the pictures using her psychic abilities to give a reading which lasts for approximately one hour.

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