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    Tarot Beginners Course

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    Go on admit it! The ancient Tarot has a fascination to us all and hard to resist. Many famous diviners have used the Tarot to predict events as have fairground gypsies over centuries. Now you can learn it both to help yourself and astonish your friends -and maybe become a professional yourself! Tim is a full-time professional Tarot Reader and a Moderator for TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and a Tarot Professionals ACE (Accredited & Certified Excellence). He has developed psychically over many years including several mediumistic development courses with the JCPF.

    Tim teaches the Rider Waite pack, a highly-respected set used widely by professional tarot readers. This programme literally starts at the beginning as to what a Tarot pack is, what divination is all about and the origins of the Tarot. Then week by week, over two six-week courses, you we go through the meanings of all 78 cards and from the second week of the first course you will start doing readings for yourself, as a class and in pairs for other students. You will learn how to do 3 card spreads and the classic 10 card Celtic Cross spread. Tim provides a week by week workbook that takes you through the first two six-week courses, with in-depth advice on the meanings and uses of all the cards, including for example, basic numerology and how to phrase a question. You don’t have to sign up for both 6-week courses, but 95% of students do! And if you want to get ahead of the game -take that workbook to bed with you!