Psychic Readings

Medium Readings, Mediumistic Readings

The medium makes a psychic link with you and with their own communicators and the world of Spirit and by clairvoyance, clairaudience and mental impression provide the sitter with such information as is provided them. The medium doesn’t require any information from you but the link they make can be strengthened by your acceptance and encouragement from what they do give. Mediumship readings can be given to provide help on personal & business issues, they can be evidential afterlife readings, or they can be a mixture of both. Readings last between one half and one hour.

Pam Ashenden

Private appointments are held in Pam’s own custom furnished sanctuary. When you email or ring Pam to make an appointment be sure to say what you require from a reading. Readings include a CD recording.



17-08-2017, 14:34


I would like to thank Pam Ashenden from my heart for our encounter. It is for me a quite sensitive decision to trust someone to deal with my energies in a psychic way –having had just recently an experience (before coming to see you) that left me unhappy. The person offered me to ‘work’ on the issue you picked up as well. That that felt right not at all. I would like to say I feel privileged to have worked with you –dealing so unassumingly with all your gifts and an integrity –this is how I experienced our meeting and why I instantly trusted you.


17-08-2017, 14:17


This is just a brief note to express my deepest thanks for the amazing meeting I had with Pam yesterday afternoon. It has helped me enormously and given me the confidence to go forwards in my life and has already been of great comfort to several family members.
Please pass my thanks on to Pam herself.