Healing through Mediation Development Course

Healing through Meditation development Course

Healing through Mediation Development Course

This course teaches you sitting meditation techniques that reveal the inner self and unlocks the subtle energy body. This gives the power to self-heal -focused on areas that need health harmonising, releasing stresses and tensions generally. Directed outside of you and drawing upon the intelligence of the higher self this same power will be directed to people, animals and pets in need of healing. No previous psychic or healing experience is required to get benefit from this course –interest alone is sufficient. Your teacher has a wealth of experience in self-healing and the practise of remote healing; whatever your history of health or psychic involvement you can be confident of making progress.

Healing through Meditation Course Bookings

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Healing through Meditation Course
6 week course
16th March - 20th April
11th May - 15th June
6th July - 10th August
21st September - 26th October
9th November -14th December
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