Healing Development Programme

Healers will tell you that they never stop developing. Every patient is an experience that widens your horizons and your skill base is enhanced by learning new techniques and methods of intercession with the Healing Intelligence. The JCPF healer training programme caters for the ongoing need as much as it does getting the interested student started and progressively taught how to make healing work. All JCPF trained healers enjoy good reputations –quite simply because they know how to deliver improvements to any condition presented by the patient. You may already be trained in touch therapy, massage, aromatherapy or herbal medicine –what we teach can enhance those skills, but worry not if you are just interested with no experience. Our training programme will take you step by step as far as you wish to go –and in a time, that suits your own lifestyle. If you want to go the whole way a become a registered healer, then the skills you will qualify with are of a professional standard enabling you to work anywhere in the world.

The BodyMind Healer Training Programme:

The previously advised training clinic that took place on Wednesday’s twice monthly in Cosham community centre has been superseded by a course training programme, which is open to all and consists of four six-week course programmes -one evening weekly, currently held in on a Thursday evening from 7.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. at the Cosham Community Centre, Wootton road, Cosham PO6 3AP in the Small Function Room. No previous healing experience is required –or you can have plenty! Either way these courses will teach how to develop the instrumental energies of the Self, how to access the Healing Intelligence and a variety of techniques to apply healing energy. The training clinic are not only practical teach-in’s, with you the student getting hands on during the session, theory is also taught. You don’t have to be a JCPF member to attend –and we don’t ‘own’ what you learn from us –you can apply it under any name of your choosing. Our purpose is to give knowledge and develop ability. Cost? Just £50.00 per six-week course. Email Tony on tony.ashenden@jcpf.co.uk or text or phone on 07989534673 for the programme syllabus and when the next programme will start -and where.

Maintaining your skills is important –by attending the Healer Training Clinic you can establish Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. As a trainee or qualified healer, you can join one of our public healing clinics to continue your practice –they are also CPD creditable. As a fully qualified healer you can advertise your availability on the JCPF websites for free.

What people thought...

Marion C

20-09-2017, 17:39


I first started to have an interest in complementary therapies in 1984. Since then my interest and knowledge has grown considerably. Combining this with an ever deepening Spirituality the two seem to go hand in hand. Working for the NHS in Health Promotion I know that the medical model is lacking in so many ways, especially if the symptoms don't add up in the GP's 'training handbook'. My experience of the JCPF team over a number of years has always been extremely positive and I would say to anyone who is thinking of trying it for the first time to simply 'Trust The Process'.