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Empowering the Psychic Self Mediumship Course

The ‘Undiscovered Country’ programme, is founded upon 50 years plus psychic & spiritual development of its teacher, Tony Ashenden, who has worked professionally as a medium, healer and teacher, nationally and internationally. A trance medium, psychometrist, clairvoyant, writer and lecturer, who developed BodyMind practise and philosophy in the 1970’s from the communications and guidance of teachers in the Afterlife. The programme is designed to develop the psychic sense capability of the student with control and in a safe environment, with teachings that reveal the inner nature and purpose of being.

The 'Undiscovered Country' programme courses literally take the new enquirer and the improver to the threshold of innermost nature and beyond. For those already on the 'path' the interactive nature of the development revitalises the psychic senses and fundamentally revises and re-activates sense of purpose and need to be, as they re-discover their true nature. The spiritual aspect of the teaching opens their mind to the endless possibility of soulful evolution in this lifetime.

The 12-course suite of ‘Undiscovered Country’ courses have been structured to account for our 21st century way of life, where social media has radically changed how people use their time and contractual work commitments include ‘unsociable’ hours working and are of a shorter duration. Practical psychic development is the major activity; talks are either ‘matter of fact’ advice on what is practically taught, or they are guidance tutorials, that advise directions to the personal approach a pupil can take to enhance their learning. Eight of the twelve courses are of 6-week duration, making it easier to enrol and complete. The latter four courses are more ‘beefy’ and thereby require more time commitment to achieve. Included are courses that provide instruction on how to become a practising medium and a teacher.

Course TWO -Empowering the Psychic Self (6-week course)

This course takes BodyMind Power meditation a stage further and focusses on Inner Voice and learning to listen to the Vach. Clairvoyance and clairaudience capability is further improved. Enrolment is open to all and recommended for those seeking to improve the development of their psychic senses. ‘Discovering the Psychic Self’ is recommended to all as a pre-requisite course -those pupils that have will on completion of this course receive an Assurance Certificate.

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Empowering the Psychic Self Mediumship Course
Psychic Mediumship 6 week Development Course
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