JCPF Psychic & Spiritual Academy

The JCPF has been providing quality training programmes since the 1970’s and many of today’s practitioners operating in the South of England have at one time or other been students. Broadly speaking the JCPF provides four training pathways; Mediumship, Astrology, Tarot and Healing. These pathways are not exclusive, so for example Tarot student’s can benefit by combining Astrological knowledge and Healers can benefit their practise from Mediumship development. Many past students have appreciated the complementary nature of the paths and have completed more than one –thereby enhancing their service skills. We also recognise that not everyone wants to be a public practitioner and are quite content to practise their developed skills with family and friends. All pathways teach at both levels and certificates of merit and achievement are given at stages during development.

The Mediumship pathway has two programmes –both can benefit. The ‘Undiscovered Country' programme teaches BodyMind control, which is the power development of both body and mind in harmony, providing instrumental power essential to getting the best from the higher psychic mind. Students are encouraged to develop as directed by their own impressed interest –as not all mediums have the same strengths. Some are exceptionally good receiving afterlife evidence, others can excel providing guidance from key communicators, that help the seeker understand and direct their personal pathways. And others will employ their mediumistic skills in harmony with the Healing Pathway. Overall, there are 10 courses in this programme, that can be repeated, as courses are interactive learning activities. The other pathway programme has the same flexibility of approach for its students, that’s the Chakra Development programme. This programme consists of two courses –the second of which can be repeated many times to the benefit of students. These courses employ journeying techniques to facilitate awareness of the core values in the chakra system. And by the direction of the teacher, can stimulate the system to facilitate the higher psychic mind. Certificates of competence are awarded on Mediumship pathway courses.

The Tarot pathway consists of three courses totalling 22 weeks and additionally private tuition is available for those students who want to qualify more quickly. The teacher of the Tarot programme is a professional tarot reader with many years’ experience. The structure of these courses is designed with that experience of practise –so the student can be confident that on conclusion they will be able to read cards effectively and accurately. Certificates of competence are awarded on the Tarot pathway courses.

The Astrology pathway consists of 4 courses totalling 40 weeks. The Competent Astrologer programme takes the student from the beginning through the whole process of understanding the astrological ‘language’, creating charts and by practise able to develop the skills of a professionally trained Astrologer. Tuition is conducted in small groups, ensuring that a one-to-one relationship with the teacher is formed. Certificates of competence are awarded on Astrology pathway courses.

The Healing pathway programme is designed to meet the needs of the students who want to achieve a nationally recognised healing qualification, and for those students who either want to enhance the skill profile they already possess, or add healing skills to their portfolio of interests. The JCPF Healer Development Programme is a quality programme that is a mix of theoretical knowledge self-assessment and practical skill teacher assessments. The ‘Healers Handbook’, a 412-page A-Z guide workbook provides the tutorials, process knowledge and practical guidance on what is required and how to achieve it. The programme is a mix of self-study, some course work, and regular training clinics, so the student can choose what time they can give to their interest. There is no set time to finish and qualify as a nationally recognised healer. Certificates of competence, national registration and curriculum vitae’s are awarded on the Healing pathway.